Tip: Purchase And Maintenance Of Good Ideas Home Appliances - Microwave Ovens, Rice Cookers, Range

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Acquisition, but also the home good ideas into one. The following two aspects of knowledge that can help as a good wife or a good home for you, Mr., easy


Home Appliances

"Big protect the law."

Purchasing articles

Disinfection cabinet

: Today, the concept of people's health has been greatly enhanced prevention of infectious diseases, to prevent the "disease from the mouth" has become


In the basic health standards. Therefore, we must choose a good grasp of disinfection cabinet


Health guidelines, must not to seek cheaper to buy substandard products.

Range hood

: When we must buy a good grasp of clean,


Two major criteria. Identification of the size of the noise, the time of purchase, you can identify them by comparing the well, and smoke their own issues will have to clean the specific function parameters by reference products.


: Direct combustion gas cooker,

Natural gas

, Liquefied gas and other dangerous gases, so the time of purchase to pay attention to whether a product has a self-flameout safety devices, should choose a well-known brands of high security. Also need to refer to another standard is energy, which means it can burn fully.

Overall: kitchen appliances buy standard products in addition to attention and energy-saving function and appearance, but also pay special attention to the overall mix of electric kitchen, color, style, style should be in line. Brand


Sales are single product sales could not match advantage: market positioning, style trends, style design line of succession, more attention to the overall harmony.



Disinfection cabinet: power disinfected once a day as far as possible, so that the purpose of not only play a virus, but also extend the life of disinfection cabinet. At the same time should be placed in dry and ventilated place, away from the wall not less than 30 cm. Never will bring water


Into the cabinet without regular electricity use, resulting in the sterilization cabinet

Electrical components

And the metal surface moisture


Easy to burn tube socket or other components.

Microwave ovens

: Microwave oven is a high-tech household appliances, abnormal or failure, shall promptly notify the manufacturer or authorized service point of the maintenance department to repair, do not own maintenance or continued use. Because

High pressure

Build a high-voltage circuit, touch it would have been high-voltage electric shock.

Rice cooker

: After washing in use within the pot, then add water to Kaigan appearance in rice cooker. The shell and the heating element must guard against flooding, can only be cut off

Power supply

Ma Jing with a damp cloth after. At the same time should not be placed in a corrosive gases or moisture.

Hood: When using the range hood to keep kitchen air circulation to prevent the formation of negative pressure air inside the kitchen to ensure the smoke machine pumping capacity; to prevent noise or vibration is too large drop of oil, oil spills the occurrence of such cases should be cleaned regularly to the hood to avoid


, Turbo and smoke machines, table viscous oil too; best not arbitrarily open the hood cleaning professionals should be allowed to manufacturers instructions.

Water heater

: Pay attention to regular checks of gas




Tube) is intact, with or without aging, cracks, abnormal phenomenon should promptly handle. On the water treatment network should be cleaned regularly, and observe whether the water leakage. Be commissioned every six months to once a qualified professional mechanic

Heat exchanger

Does coke and plug, and clean up in time to ensure the water heater to work.

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Tip: Purchase And Maintenance Of Good Ideas Home Appliances - Microwave Ovens, Rice Cookers, Range

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Tip: Purchase And Maintenance Of Good Ideas Home Appliances - Microwave Ovens, Rice Cookers, Range

This article was published on 2010/10/27