Kitchen prices down due to consumerism

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I have been purchasing kitchens on a weekly basis, as my building company specializes in kitchens and bathrooms. During the past six months we have worked predominately on kitchens, I have noticed a trend in kitchen prices actually going down. I have attempted to analyze this trend, as it is important to me, if the kitchen prices are low I make more money.

 I am a great believer in consumerism, I understand this phenomenon to be a direct result of the credit crisis. I believe, when money is short and businesses need revenue, the prices are driven down to attract the very customers who they depend upon for their individual survival. One more contributing factor of kitchen prices being driven down, during the credit crisis, is the explosion of different advertising mediums. We have the web to browse freely at any time, it has no open and closing times, it is free in some places, and it is an education in itself.

 I refer predominantly to kitchen prices, because that is what I do. In general kitchen prices are no different than any product being sold for profit. If a company is not progressive, focused and driven by the way of their individual advertising methods, whilst keeping up with the forever changing methods, they will simply cease to exist. Only the companies who keep up with trends will survive.

 I use this age of consumerism to my advantage, I, like any consumer love a bargain. I like any consumer look for a good quality product, and I like value for money when it comes to the whole purchasing experience. Good customer care and professionalism is expected. Without this I will simply walk away.

 I have during my “shopping around” for the best kitchen price, stumbled upon a small family run kitchen manufacturer. I applaud the way they do business, and of recent months, I have purchased in excess of six kitchens. I hear you, six does not seem a lot but in relative terms, this manufacturer can only produce one bespoke kitchen at a time. If I purchase one a week this means they only work for me. The price is equal to an average kitchen in the local do it yourself store. The quality of the kitchens is second to none, and at a good price, they are as you can get, and come from very skilled carpenters.

 I still shop around, as it would be crazy for me to just keep paying the same money only to find the other stores have dropped their prices. My current supplier’s strength, is the fact they are attentive to my needs, they are selling kitchens at a good price and they work to a time schedule, and they have never let me down. Kitchen prices are not the only product I purchase, I do shop around for everything. I use various methods to find what I want, at the price I am happy to pay. 

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If you want to calculate kitchen prices (in Danish beregn køkken priser) follow this link. If you want to read more about kitchen design (as we say in Denmark køkken design) visit this website.

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Kitchen prices down due to consumerism

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Kitchen prices down due to consumerism

This article was published on 2012/02/06