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The kitchen extractor fan, also widely known as a cooker hood, is typically a machine that is designed to draw up fumes, pollutants, and airborne grease to keep the air in your home clean and healthy. This is especially important for enclosed areas and smaller apartments as it is not good to breathe polluted air and vapors. In most cases these machines are installed directly over top of your oven so it can more efficiently draw up the polluted air from the source. They contain internal filters so that they can provide proper kitchen ventilation and recirculate cleaner air throughout your home.


The most popular style of kitchen extractor fan uses ducts in order to draw out the polluted air from the inside of the home and dispel it on the outside. This is the preferred model type since it is the most efficient for removing air completely. There is another option available that does not use ducts for the kitchen ventilation and instead uses a filter to clean the stale air and then recirculate it throughout the home. This is not as efficient as the ducted type, but some individuals may have to settle for it due to budget or space constraints.


One problem that some individuals may have is that their kitchen space is too small for them to install a full cooker hood, so in cases such as this an island type of kitchen extractor fan can be used. It will typically be installed in the center of the room. It is difficult for this type to be connected to duct work, so they will typically use the charcoal filters. There are some however that do feature a chimney that can draw out the stale air to the outside.


Besides residential homes, it is very important for professional structures such as restaurants to have a kitchen extractor fan installed as well. These models are usually powerful because they will have to draw out the smoke and steam from a much larger area and at a faster speed. This makes work a lot easier for the kitchen staff that will be spending a large amount of time in this confined area. The two most popular styles are the axial and the centrifugal. Both are excellent, but the centrifugal type is more powerful and can carry out the polluted air over a longer stretch of duct work.


Whichever model of kitchen extractor fan you eventually choose, it is important that you not try to save money by choosing a poorly constructed model. This is a sensitive piece of equipment that you will want to last for awhile. A decent machine will usually cost you between $400 and $2,500 but there are some that are much more expensive than this, even as high as $20,000 in some cases.


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Kitchen Extractor Fan

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This article was published on 2010/03/30