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Kitchen Compost Containers-ponder the choices...

Many gardeners are missing out on joys of composting in the kitchen because they don't want to deal with the mess and don't know there are ways to have no mess compost containers.There are ways to reduce or even eliminate odors and fruit flies from the kitchen compost containers. Any large plastic covered tub work well. If you have 3-4 of them- you can just pop it in the dishwasher after it gets dirty. As long as the container is sealed when indoors- insects should not be attracted, and the odor won't escape.

Use Kitchen Compost Containers-feel good-reduce waste

Organic matter that will decompose naturally makes up a large portion of trash. Approximately 30% percent of all municipal solid waste is composed of yard trimmings and food scraps. Instead of sending billions of tons of waste to the landfill, you could compost it to create nutrient-rich fertilizer!

If you can get by the fear of having a stinky mess and get the right kitchen composting containers... Composting is so easy because you don't have to do anything! The pile of organic matter takes care of itself. Many composting gurus will tell you your need to aerate, or you need to turn the debris- this will speed up the process- but its not necessary.  When you recycle your organic waste- you gain by lessening your trash and add nutrients to the soil for healthier plants that are disease resistant and will yield more produce.

Kitchen Compost Containers can be attractive

Many kitchen enthusiasts pride themselves on a trendy and attractive kitchen. They cringe at the thought of "garbage" sitting on the counter. There are many solutions to that problem. There are several different attractive kitchen compost containers available online.

Kitchen Compost Containers-An easy way to store kitchen scraps and cut down waste

Composting is key to boosting your plants output, as well as helps reduce diseased plants. Many homeowners don't bother with composting because they don't want a pile of food scraps stinking on the counter. A Stainless Steel Kitchen Compost Pail is a practical and environmentally friendly kitchen accessory that is perfect for convenient, clean and stylish recycling of organic food scraps, and includes charcoal filters to keep you kitchen fresh and odor-free.
It's attractive and durable- it will probably last a lifetime.

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Read more on composting and "Kitchen Compost Containers". Start composting your food scraps instead of tossing them in the trash. Recycle kitchen waste that has potential for fertilizer. It's a way to give a little something back to our beloved earth!

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Kitchen Compost Containers

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This article was published on 2010/04/02