Choosing a Kitchen Design Style

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The heart of every home is the kitchen and nothing is more important than the vibe that your kitchen gives off to yourself, family and friends. With heartfelt emotions that designs such as that of rustic kitchens clearly give off, good feelings may be just a design choice away. Kitchens are more than just a place to store and cook food. They are a gathering place and a place to bond over everyone’s common interest: food.

When choosing a kitchen design style, closely consider your initial reaction when you see it in a showroom or in a picture. For example, take a look at old world kitchen designs. What is your first response to them? Do they make you feel cheery? Cozy? Comfortable? How do rustic kitchen design samples make you feel? What is it that you would like to feel when you walk into your kitchen? This is always the best way to choose a kitchen design. After all, your kitchen is a room that you will have to walk into each and every day, so make sure you love the design.

Old world kitchens are one of the most popular designs, and understandably so. In recent years, rustic kitchens have been gaining apparent popularity; probably because it is a kitchen design that makes people feel good. Also, a rustic kitchen design goes well with the log cabin or outdoor themes that many Coloradoans portray throughout their homes. Old world kitchen designs are always a beautiful choice! The Rocky Mountains and rustic themes go very well together.

To complete the rustic old world look, rustic kitchen cabinets are a must. Cabinets are the first thing most people see upon entering the kitchen and, therefore, are an important factor well deserving of a redesign right along with the countertops, walls, flooring, and lighting.

With a properly matching rustic kitchen design that coordinates your cabinets with everything else, your kitchen will immediately become your family’s favorite room in the house. Rustic kitchens have the ability to bring families together with an aesthetically pleasing design that everyone will marvel over for years to come.

Visit a Denver showroom to see how your kitchen can be transformed into something amazing. Stop by today and be inspired by kitchen designs that can instantly turn your kitchen from ordinary into extraordinary!

Susan Slobac is a consultant in the kitchen design industry. Susan writes about trends in rustic kitchens & old world kitchens.

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Choosing a Kitchen Design Style

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This article was published on 2010/10/09